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Our single variety olive oil intense comes from an olive called Arbosana, which, when picked at maturity, gives it herbaceous aromas of green wood and apple.This is a Extra Virgin Olive Oil quality. Our oils can be ordered individually.

The Arbosana olive

Its fruit: Spherical and slightly asymmetrical, when the arbosana olive ripens its color takes on purplish tones.

Variety: A small but highly aromatic olive. Its particularity lies in its taste, producing a fruity oil, in this case apple, but also herbaceous notes bringing roundness to our product. On the palate, our Arbosane extra virgin olive oil confirms its personality with light notes of bitterness and spice in perfect harmony. It leaves the palate with a pleasant freshness.

Harvesting: Arbosana olives must be ripe before they can be harvested. In order to offer the best possible flavors and benefits, it's important to take care of their development.

Mechanical process and cold extraction

This time-consuming process has enabled us to extract our product drop by drop. The olives are placed in a hammer mill, which crushes the raw material.
The olive paste is then kneaded at a temperature not exceeding 27°C to homogenize the mixture. Our olive oil retains all its flavors and benefits.

The olive paste is then transferred to a centrifuge to separate the solid from the liquid. Once the oil has been recovered, it is bottled in a dark container to preserve its properties.

Our cans and bottles have been selected from specific materials to preserve the benefits and flavors of our olive oils.

Conservation tips

To ensure optimum preservation of our olive oil, we recommend storing it away from light and heat sources. By respecting these recommendations, the taste properties of your oil will remain unchanged, giving you the opportunity to maximize its potential, even beyond its minimum durability date. We invite you to follow these tips to fully appreciate the exceptional quality of our product.

Why the extra virgin olive oil designation?

Our artisanal olive oil has been awarded the prestigious "Extra Virgin" label for its meticulous manufacturing process. We use a low-temperature extraction method to preserve its exceptional organoleptic properties. The result is an exceptional product, finely evocative of Mediterranean aromas and flavors. Opt for an authentic taste experience, a sensory invitation to discover the delights of the Mediterranean.

A single-variety composition

Our products tell the story of the land of Provence. That's why each of our single-variety oils offers you a unique taste experience specific to its fruit. Tasting these oils invites you to savor the gustatory qualities of the fruit in its purest simplicity. Depending on your tastes and desires, each of our oils will bring a unique and personal bouquet of aromas to your dishes. A single-variety oil reflects and represents the raw spirit of a region.

artisanal olive oil producer

Our single variety olive oils invite you on a gustatory journey to our sun-drenched lands. This extra-virgin olive oil enhances its character and uniqueness by offering you a subtle and typical fruity taste. Whether you're an amateur looking to learn or a gourmet in search of the perfect match, our single variety olive oils are tailor-made for you. Find an olive oil producer near me ? Domaine de Panéry is located in Uzès, Gard.

What recipes can I prepare with this oil?

Ideal with salads, this olive oil goes perfectly with fish en papillote, pot au feu, wood-fired cooking, or cheeses.
Sweet dishes also go well with our Arbosane artisan olive oil. Desserts such as chocolate soufflé, strawberry/basil tart with olive oil custard... Our product will bring authenticity and character to your dishes.

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The 75 cl wine bottles can only be ordered in boxes of 6. You can mix and match products. Magnums and oils can be ordered individually.