The estate

Harmony between tradition and nature in the Pays d'Uzès region

The Domaine de Panéry combines time-honoured know-how and cutting-edge technology to draw the best out of its terroir (local soil) to produce distinctive wines and outstanding olive oil, in harmony with nature.

The Domaine de Panéry

In the middle of nature, surrounded by woods and hills, the Domaine de Panéry covers a total of 800 hectares. Today, the Estate has taken on a new dynamic in the production of red, white and rosé wines. The Estate's land also has several olive tree orchards, and will soon be a home to truffles, wheat fields and beehives.

An Estate driven by passion and tradition

The Domaine de Panéry used to be a farm that produced bread (hence its name) and has been a vineyard since the end of the 19th century. Today, a couple of passionate entrepreneurs are breathing new life into the age-old farming traditions of the Pays d'Uzès, in total harmony with nature. "Growing vines and planting olive trees means following in the footsteps of our elders, in total respect of the nature and characteristics of this generous and bountiful land."

Protected products

The Estate covers three "protected designations of origin" guaranteeing the quality and distinctive character of its wines. It also grows a local variety of olives, from which its outstanding olive oil is made. The wines of Domaine de Panéry regularly receive prestigious awards for their distinctive tastes.

Protecting nature

We use environmentally-friendly farming techniques, which sometimes going beyond just "organic" farming. The Estate has a multi-crop farming approach, with vines and olive trees, and will soon produce wheat and truffles, two symbolic products that have been grown in the region since antiquity.